Need help with the traffic shaper please, I can't quite get this right

  • I'm trying to shape traffic so netflix won't drop out when I am downloading from usenet (or anything else). If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. I'm using 1.2.3, BTW. Or if all this is pointless and I would be better off using 2.0, and if so can I use my 1.2.3 config to load into 2.0?

    I've included some of my shaper config that has what I am concerned about.

    Thank you.

  • Hope fully some one replied but i am going to Throw my 2 cents in; I too was running 1.2.3 and When 2.0 came out i upgrade and was horrified by how it did not work. Features were nice but if they did not work, I am loking at you PPPOE creating multiple adapters ..

    Now i have bit the bullet and upgraded to 2.0 RC3 and WOW what a difference. It's way better than 1.2.3 and many of the post here with questions it starts to be noticeable who has 1.2.3 and who has 2.0 RC3 by the questions they ask. 2.0 really makes Traffic shaping easier with Layer 7 and with parent vs child queues setup.

    And Yes Create a back of your 1.2.3 and then upgrade. The best tip i had was remove your packages before upgrading. Then after upgrading reapply your packages all config's will remain. Then create a new backup of your 2.0 (different backup files).

    my  2 cents

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