• Dear All,
    I'm using pfSense-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-02-21-2007
    I created a nat from WAN to an ip in my LAN, forwarding two  port 20, 21 for FTP. after apply changes two rule  are added once with private ip & 2nd with WAN address (i'm using wan interface for NATing)


    WAN   TCP/UDP   20 - 21 20 - 21


    TCP/UDP   *   *   20 - 21   *   NAT    
    TCP/UDP * * WAN address 20 - 21 * NAT

    is this bug?

  • Please search the forum. This has been discussed in detail. You want to enable the ftp-helper at wan and only forward port 21 to your internal server. This will generate 2 rules (one for the ftp-helper). The ftphelper then will take care of the rest.

  • Thanks for favourable reply