WAN down every hour

  • For the past several months I've been using the most up-to-date 2.0 RC versions.  I had two Intel NIC's for separate LAN's and the onboard for WAN.  Used Squid and OpenVPN and everything worked great.  Not a single problem the whole time.

    This morning I decided to try out some different hardware.  I'm now using a slightly older single core Atom based mobo with the onboard for WAN and an Intel NIC for the LAN.  I installed from scratch (no backup from last router) and updated to the latest RC.  I've left OpenVPN and Squid off.  I'm using the same cable modem, switches, etc.

    Since changing to the new hardware, every hour on the dot (I think), I get a message in the System Logs that says "apinger: ALARM: WAN(edited-my-ip) *** down ***"  I have to manually reboot the router or modem, or manually release/renew from pfsense before the WAN comes back up.

    I'm hoping for any suggestions as I am at a loss!  I'm happy to provide any other log information or details that may help.

    Edit: After having it run through the night, it's appears it's actually happening about every 15 minutes.


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  • Sticky Connections are not enabled and I'm not using MAC spoofing.

  • have you considered faulty hardware ?

  • What's the system log show?

  • As I've moved things around I want to name them just for clarification.

    Router A = Original, working, slightly faster router.
    Router B = Newer, slightly slower router that drops WAN.

    I haven't considered faulty hardware.  The main reason I haven't is all the components are known working outside of this configuration.  Both Intel NIC's were functioning properly in Router A.  Router B's mobo and HDD were previously running FreeNAS with no noticeable problems.

    As the constant loss of connection was driving me crazy, I moved Router A back in place. I changed Router B's LAN IP's to a different subnet (Not sure if that's the correct terminology, but I changed from a 192 address to a 10. address) and connected Router B's WAN to Router A's LAN.  I also setup a test machine under Router B so I could see if the WAN connection gets dropped.

    It's been running for a few hours now and not a single dropped WAN message from Router A or B.  There were a few other strange messages in Router B.  Ones that I don't see under Router A, but I accidentally cleared the log.  Stupid me.  It seems that I've narrowed it down to being a problem with Router B and my cable modem now working correctly?  I'm using a SB6120 with Comcast.  Assuming the strange messages show back up in Router B, I will definitely post them in the morning.

    Thanks again for everyone's suggestions.

    Edit: Logs Added

    Jul 24 22:50:32 apinger: Starting Alarm Pinger, apinger(36545)
    Jul 24 22:57:27 dhclient: RENEW
    Jul 24 22:57:27 dhclient: Creating resolv.conf
    Jul 24 23:57:27 dhclient: RENEW
    Jul 24 23:57:27 dhclient: Creating resolv.conf
    Jul 25 00:57:27 dhclient: RENEW
    Jul 25 00:57:27 dhclient: Creating resolv.conf
    Jul 25 01:57:27 dhclient: RENEW
    Jul 25 01:57:27 dhclient: Creating resolv.conf
    Jul 25 02:57:27 dhclient: RENEW
    Jul 25 02:57:27 dhclient: Creating resolv.conf
    Jul 25 03:57:27 dhclient: RENEW
    Jul 25 03:57:27 dhclient: Creating resolv.conf
    Jul 25 04:57:27 dhclient: RENEW
    Jul 25 04:57:27 dhclient: Creating resolv.conf
    Jul 25 05:57:27 dhclient: RENEW
    Jul 25 05:57:27 dhclient: Creating resolv.conf

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