CARP Preemption in RELENG_1 Snapshots

  • Hello,

    i have 2 Questions about CARP-Setup:

    1.) Is it possibly to setup a Carp Cluster with 2 different Serverhardware, roughly the same Hardware? Or it is a requirement to setup a cluster on the same Hardware. For example, the same NIC´s but different HDD or RAM and CPU?

    2.) On my test in VMWARE the CARP Cluster with the RELENG_1 Snapshot (21.02.2007) works fine, but i haven´t found the option "Preemption" in the CARP Settings. Is "prreemption" in the new release needless?

    Thanks and Greeting from Germany

  • You can use competely different hardware (even a cluster between a wrap and a badass-server-machine will work).

    Preemption is now enabled by default behind the scenes. The tutorial was not updated regarding this.

  • Thanks a lot