Multitech Routefinder RF600VPN - failed Install

  • I had an old Routefinder RF600VPN appliance, and after finding reports of success with the 850 (,22626.0.html), wanted to try to put pfSense 2.0 RC3 on it.  The 550 runs off of a Via Eden chip - I can pull more hardware details if desired.

    Installation to the 2.5" HD resulted in many "WARNING - READ_DMA UDMA ICRC error (retrying request) LBA=63" errors.  Installation and boot from an 8 gb CF card was astonishingly (and ultimately impossibly) slow.

    The latest beta of m0n0wall (1.8.0b47x) to the CF card worked flawlessly, which leads me to believe that my hardware problems were solved by the FreeBSD 8.2 base.  Waste of 7.96 gigs on my CF card, but certainly better than the stock firmware (linux based).  Still hoping to put pfSense on it, but I can live with this.

    Just a FYI.

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