Peculiar routing: gateway outside LAN / route LAN through gateway

  • Hellos!

    I already posted another version of this in the IPv6 board, but got no reply there, and since I just realized the very same issue also applies to IPv4, I thought I'd re-phrase it here.

    My hoster is using a somewhat peculiar setup concerning routing from one customer server to others within the same LAN segment.

    To prevent customers from "stealing" neighboring IP addresses, their routers/switches are configured to drop packets sent from one host in the LAN to another.

    So, ALL traffic needs to go through the router. Now I'm in a bit of a twist. How do I set that up in PFSense?

    Concrete example. My server has the address, and the gateway has When trying to reach other machines in my /26, PFSense naturally tries to directly deliver them. Which fails. They have to go through the gateway.

    Unfortunately, PFSense for one does not allow me to set a gateway outside the host's network segment. It also won't allow me to configure an overriding static routing to push traffic for my /26 through the gateway.

    Any idea what to do here?

    I tried the "Vyatta" firewall distro, and that I can configure to have a /32 IP address, set the default gateway to (even though it's outside its LAN), and configured what they call an "interface-route", telling it to send all traffic for directly through the proper eth, without gateway. That worked nicely.

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