• Hello everyone!!!!

    I 've been facing a problem since I've installed Pfsense 2.0 RC1 (I386). I have 3 interfaces
    WAN-LAN-OPT they are all configured correctly and with their gateways. They are able to ping
    any ip from outside but when I disable the first WAN interface that comes in the initial pfsense
    configuration its shows me that the other OPT interface is not able no to do the failover feature.

    I've seen many article, manuals but none from this version of pfsense and I think That I am missing
    the port number that I  need to setup when you configure loadbalance and failover.

    If anyone can please help me with this issue I will really appreciate it!!!!!

  • http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=29676.0  perharp can help you :) it work for me

    p/s: update to 2.0-RC3 :)

  • well I follow all the steps on the post that you just show me and it didn´t work properly in fact I think there is something missing on that configuration !!

  • First please update to an actual snapshot. Searching for bugs in old software isn't useful.

    But perhaps it's just a misconfiguration.

    Pleas show us screenshots of your:

    • Gateways
    • Gateway Groups
    • Firewall rules (LAN, OPT)

    Further tell us your subnets with subnetmask of LAN and OPT1