• Hey all

    I know i've asked about this before, but im still having problems with it.

    This is what i've got:
    Dual WAN running with loadbalancing.
    ISP 1 DNS Servers:,
    ISP 2 DNS Servers:,

    I've used one from each ISP in general->setup.  Setup a static route like so
    Interface: OPT-WAN
    Gateway: (OPT-WAN's gateway)

    Now, when I do not use the forwared I get DNS working fine, I can use nslookup and resolve addresses no problem, however, as soon as I turn on the DNS forwarded I get no DNS.

    If i go to status->services it says its running, however i cannot get any resolution from it.

    I was content using the setup i've got working now, not using the forwarder, but now I want to turn the captive portal on and it needs the forwarder.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Do you see anything blocked when trying to use the DNS forwarder at status>systemlogs, firewall? Maybe a firewallrule issue?

  • I dont see anything related to DNS being blocked.