PFsense for more than just a firewall (UTM)

  • Guys I like PFSense I use it as a basic firewall I run a vpn tunnel back to my job etc. However, I want to do more I would like to start getting into UTM features right now I'm interested in adding antivirus, web control, and anti phishing. Who here is running PFSense for more than just a regular firewall/vpn and if so what all packages do you suggest that I use or is this not what PFSense was made for and if that's the case I would have to check out Untangle.

  • check these packages at least: havp, squid and squidguard. Ofcourse don't forget snort

  • did a 4 part bit on turning pfsense into a utm, actually that is what got me started using pfsense myself. I really like it, but some of the things I did I really don't understand much… more to learn I guess.


  • I'm going to install this on hyper threaded p4,4 gigs of ram, and an 80 gig sata is this enough horse power or do I need another box? The reason I ask is because it seems like most of the UTM firewalls such as Untangle or Astaro pretty much need core 2 duo to quad core systems and I'm sure some some are using I3, I5 or I7. I'm concerned about the hardware because as stated I have a 60 meg internet connection I don't want any slow downs. BTW rodymcamp what are you running on and what all services have you added to PFsense?