Can Lightsquid or any other pkg monitor video calls BW usage?

  • Guys lightsquid can log websites visited with their bandwidth usage by any user using the internet, however i'm not seeing that it can log bandwidth usage for video calls like FaceTime, Skype etc… maybe i'm looking at the issue from the wrong view? any suggestions?

  • lightsquid can only show what squid is logging.

    in transparent mode squid is only able to proxy port 80 ( http ) and in non-transparent mode squid is able to proxy port 80 ( http ) and port 443 ( https ). not sure if squid can handle ftp.

    so if your videos are using other protocols/ports squid can not proxy them and at least not log.

  • So you're saying if i did a non-transparent proxy, and set MSN (for example) to use the proxy, i can see on lightsquid MSN Audio/Video calls' bandwidth?

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