Policy based routing for DNS queries

  • Hi guys, I have pfSense setup in dualwan configuration.

    I have a VIP account with OpenDNS and it only lets you use OpenDNS on one WAN IP address, however I'm trying to get the PC's going through WAN2 to use that service also, of course since the public IP is different on WAN2 than WAN1 I am not able to use the VIP services OpenDNS provides. Is there a way to route dns queries through WAN1 hence forcing clients to go through WAN1, and the rest of the traffic through WAN2? Would routing port 53 through WAN1 resolve the issue?


  • Try and let rest of us know.  ;)

    lan rule outgoing dns queries with assigned gateway should do it.

  • Routing 53 through WAN1 works! Don't need to pay OpenDNS any extra now  ;D

  • great then