Multi WAN (ADSl + Wireless USB Dlink N150)

  • Hello there..first at all im a complete new about this.

    Heres my setup.

    I only have 1 computer (wanna test it first and then maybe i will move to a dedicated box).

    Anyways… 1 PC = Wmware...this PC has a direct internet connection (ADSL) also i have my Wifi USB adapater getting internet connection from another source.

    So i would like to know if is possible to load balance my ADSL connection and this WiFi connection.

    If so how? i tried to look for tutorials, but all of them are focused on having 2 Ethernet cards...and none of them with my specific connection setup if you can guide me how to do it...i'll be very appreciate it.

    I tried with this specific guide and as i said before its all about having 2 ethernet connections.

    I dont wanna share my inet connection just wanna merge them...simple as that.

    Thx in advance