Port forwarding not functioning

  • Hi

    I have two public IPs. Now I want my pfsense-router to have one and my webserver to have the other.

    I've set up the webserver with a virtual IP (IP alias) and mapped it with NAT 1:1. It seems to be working as my public IP on the webserver is correct. I've also created some rules in the firewall to allow for, amongst others, HTTP traffic. This too seems to be working.

    The only problem seems to be when I try to access the webserver using its public IP: I'm redirected to the router!

    To solve this I created a port forward like this:

    Interface: WAN
    Destination: "Public IP of webserver"
    Destination port: From HTTP to HTTP
    Redirect target IP: "Local IP of webserver"
    Redirect target port: HTTP

    I don't think such a port forwarding is necessary and still it doesn't work; I keep hitting the router.

    Appreciate any help!

  • Only to http is needed, but in both source and destination.
    Are you trying to access from outside or inside network?
    can you view screenshots of your wan rules and port forwarding?