• Hello,

    We installed PFsense v1.0.1.
    Configured the firewall to use Dual Wan with D-Link networkcards.
    After a couple of days the Firewall stops responding. The console only says: Watchdog Time Out.
    We changed the netwerk cards for 3Com and Intels but the problem returns always after a couple of days.
    We also replaced the complete hardware of the server and reinstalled PFsense, but no result.
    We disabled ACPI and PNP OS in the BIOS, still the same problem.

    When we disable the 2nd WAN interface and run with 1 WAN interface on the same hardware the firewall runs smoothly.

    Does anyone seen this problem before?
    Please help

    Best regards,


  • Haven't seen these before but you want to try one of the lates snapshots. It's based on a newer freebsd (6.2) and has nicer multiwan code. Give it a try: http://snapshots.pfsense.com/FreeBSD6/RELENG_1/

  • Thnx
    I'll update the firewall.