Need help for WAN Rule creation… Port 80/8080 blocked by ISP

  • pfSense 1.2.3

    As the subject says, ISP has blocked all port 80 and 8080 traffic. I frequently monitor my network remotely and had a workaround of keeping my webGUI port to 8085. A simple rule to open port 8085 worked fine. Things were great for while till I was a bit ticked off with SquidGuard Redirect function as it would take over 8 to 10 secs for HAVP (Parent for Squid) would respond back for access restricted sites configured in SquidGuard. I researched and found the solution to modify /usr/local/www/sgerror.php for a custom Access Denied page. Only problem is that the Access Denied custom page won't work on any other port except port 80.

    With my old Netgear router it was a simple NAT port redirection of any traffic for WAN port 8085 redirect to port internal port 80. How can I put this rule in pfSense? I tried various combinations with no success.

  • It might help to know what you have already tried.

    I would setup port forward (web GUI: Firewall -> NAT click on Port Forward tab, click on "+" button to add a port forward) on WAN to forward incoming connects on port 8085 to port 80 on your server.

    If that doesn't work post the details of what you added.

  • My bad. I was so engrossed in the Rules section it totally slipped my mind that there was a NAT section too. Lol !!

  • No problem. It has taken me a while to find my way around the menus and what the items mean.