• Is there an easy way to remove unwant graphs in RRD Graphs.  What I mean by unwant graphs is, for example, when I create a new gateway for static route, the RRD Graph start logging it's line Quality in Quality Graph.  Later, I no longer use it and delete it, but I can still see the quality graph for that gateway.  Is it possible to remove it from the pull down menu?  This also apply to deleted network interface (traffic graph)

    I am using 2.0-RC3 AMD64

    Thank you in advance.

  • Status>RRD Graphs>Settings>Reset RRD Data

  • Rebel Alliance

    Using WinSCP ( or someting similar ) browse to: /var/db/rrd and remove the "xxx.rrd" file related to your deleted GW or interface.

  • Thanks a lot.  It seems that the reset RRD data method will get rid of all graphs and recreate the rrd files according to the latest interface/gw info.  If I accidentally deleted the wrong rrd file (ie interface still exists) via shell, it seems it won't auto recreate it on next refresh.