Fail autoupgrade after manual upgrade using different image size

  • HI!

    (sorry for my bad english)

    Some days ago, I do a manually upgrade using an image  that I download from snapshot server. My CF is 4GB but I've downloaded a 2GB by error.

    After upgrade using the 2GB on a 4GB system, the autoupdate always fail with this error:

    Upgrade failed due to the upgrade image being larger than the partition that is configured on disk.  Halting. Size on disk: 929 < Size of new image: 1885

    So, the 2GB upgrade changed the partition size. Then, unique way to upgrade is downloading the 2GB update file and manually apply the image.

    Thereis a way to recover the original partiion size of 4GB so I can use the autoupgrade proceess ?

    Thanks !

    Edit: I found that the label size for ad0s1a is incorrect:

    =>     63  7835121  ad0  MBR  (3.7G)
          63  3861585    1  freebsd  [active]  (1.8G)
     3861648       63       - free -  (32K)
     3861711  3861585    2  freebsd  (1.8G)
     7723296   102816    3  freebsd  (50M)
     7826112     9072       - free -  (4.4M)

    =>      0  3861585  ad0s1  BSD  (1.8G)
           0       16         - free -  (8.0K)
    _      16  1902017      1  !0  (929M)_
     1902033  1959552         - free -  (957M)

    =>      0  3861585  ad0s2  BSD  (1.8G)
           0       16         - free -  (8.0K)
          16  3861569      1  !0  (1.8G)

    So, I tried to change with bsdlabel, but got the error:

    disklabel: Class not found

    when saving the change. Any idea ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Boot the other slice (the one that is still from the 4gb image size) and then re-run a proper upgrade.

    If that doesn't work, you'll have to reimage the entire card.

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