Need to hire PFSense tech

  • Is anyone available to set up these items for me?  I have a small cafe.  If yes please give me a quote.

    • login page for wireless users with acceptance of terms
    • bump wireless users off in 1 hr. for reacceptance of terms
    • shut down wireless access between 9:30pm and 6:30 am(already done)
    • fix firewall so Super Circuts DVR can email warnings of motion (surveillance system)
    • Fix firewall so Talkswitch phones can call remote extentions(not urgent but would be nice it is was fixed)
    • ability to create user names and passwords for wireless users to have internet access after 9:30pm and before 6:30 (we have tenants who will need wireless when cafe is closed, but don't want open wireless on because of loiterers)


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    I'm probably not the man for this job but I take it you decided not to go with the commercial support option?
    You will get more bites if you offer more information.
    Are you looking for remote support or on site? (where are you?)
    Please describe your pfSense hardware and network in more detail.


  • We need more info…where is this at, want done in person or remotely, what you want to pay, etc.

  • @crioyob:

    I'm running pfSense in a wifi cafe and need assistance with.

    • creating login page with acceptance of terms and conditions before getting internet access
    • Also having login page advertise online order for the cafe and other marketing ideas
    • Users get bumped off in 45 minutes(reminded that diners may need their seat and to be considerate of the cafe business), but could login again.
      -Help with current firewall problems.  Some features of Talk Switch VOIP phones will not work, surveillance DVR cannot send emails.

    I'm guessing this type of work could be done remotely.

    Didn't you ask for that already 9 month ago?
    Common answers were: contact pfSense commercial support or post in the bounty section.

    And it was noted that more information from your side is needed.

  • Yes I had posted this 9 months ago but was not able to have the work done then.

    I did not know there was a PfSense commercial support area, I will look for that.

    I expected the work could be done remotely.  I have a network map I can provide.

    Sorry for posting this to the wrong area.  But I do think am am now directed correctly.

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