Outbound VoIP calls use qVoIP but inbound are qDefault?

  • Hey everyone.  Using pfsense 2.0 RC3 here with Asterisk.  I am trying to get Traffic Shaper working and I just used the wizard to set it up.  I click to prioritize VoIP and then I select Asterisk from the drop down.  First I entered the IP of Asterisk in the box below that, however in and outbound calls from my phones would always go on qLink and qDefault.  I then just selected Asterisk and didn't enter an IP when running it again.  This time all VoIP calls go on qVoIP when I'm making calls.  However if I call into my phone system from my cell for example, the calls all go on qDefault and are super choppy.  New to pfsense, does anyone know where I need to go to set it so that it recognizes inbound calls as VoIP as well?  Thanks!