2x WAN, 2x LAN, assign each WAN to a specific LAN, *no load balancing*

  • If I have 2 WAN links, and 2 LANs, can I assign each LAN to a specific WAN. I do not want to load balance.

    I want to isolate each LAN from each other, so that LAN A uses only WAN A, and LAN B uses only WAN B for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

    Can pfSense do that?

  • yes in firewall rules use destination and gateway to fit your needs.

  • Can you elaborate more?

    I am using pfsense rc3

    If it's only firewall rules, can you help me on the rules? I tried it but it didn't work out..

  • goto your rules. you should have a tab for lan 1 and lan 2… select lan 1, add a rule,  down to the bottom under Advanced features you will see Gateway. Click on Advanced, should say default.. Click on the dropdown and select the gateway for the WAN you want the traffic to go out on.. Do the same for lan 2.

    hope this helps

  • ok will try. thank you!

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