Revert back to older 2.0rc3 snapshot possible?

  • I did a manual of 1.2.3 ==> 2.0RC3 yesterday on a Netgate Hamakua (nanobsd) using PhysDiskWrite and the following image:

    So this wasn't really an "upgrade" but rather a full wipe & clean install.  I manually re-entered all configs from my notes.  After that I checked the Firmware tab for any updates.  It said there was an update to a "July 4" build (built on Mon Jul 4 17:29:15 EDT 2011).  Even though I enabled the "Unsigned images" option, it would not install.  It complained about missing digital signature (odd?) so I switched the auto-update URL to the 'snapshot' release and then it did update (which is not really what I wanted!) now I am running a snapshot devel version "built on Mon Aug 1 12:40:49 EDT 2011"

    so, my question is- Is there any way to revert back to that July 4 snapshot?  I am finding this newer build to be somewhat unstable.  thanks!!

  • Start all over again

  • haha… thanks for the advice!  that's not an option as I no longer have physical access

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The most current snapshots are indeed more stable than anything from July. Upgrade again to something newer, and you will be better off.

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