Can't download blacklist from URL in squidGuard?

  • Hello,

    I've just installed 2.0-RC3 built on 7/28/11, and I've installed the squid & squidGuard packages.  I got squid up and running, then started configuring squidGuard.  I maintain several pfsense boxes, so I have a custom blacklist stored in a gzipped tarball on my web server, and I've been successfully using this list on 1.2.3 for a while now.  However, when I add the URL of my blacklist to the squidGuard config in 2.0RC3, then try to download it from the Blacklist Update page, I get the following error:

    Begin blacklist update
    Start download.
    Download archive
    Bad content from Terminate.

    I've looked at the squidGuard logs, but there doesn't seem to be anything about this issue there.  Can anyone help me out?


  • Nevermind!  It was a DNS issue.  Doh!  :P