• Hi, I’m new to this forum (first post.) as well as with pfsense. My knowledge on this subject is pretty limited, but following step by step instructions usually help me to accomplish my objective.

    I managed to set up my dual Wan with loadbalancing and failover using the documentation.  Everything works well.  The setup is almost identical to the said documentation.

    Now I need to configure a third Wan connection.  This will only be used for email (Port 25, 110, 143) in and out.  I’m not too concerned about the incoming mail, as all incoming traffic goes to an MS ISA server.  The latter will handle the (incoming) routing.  But I need to route the outgoing mail to go out on WAN3 (Opt2).

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • This is pretty simple. Add the 3rd nic to your system, assign it and configure it (if you have not done so already). Then create portforwards for the needed ports at firewall>nat, portforward and make sure to keep the autocreate firewallrule option enabled. Then go to firewall>rules, lan tab and add pass rules for the desired ports with gateway <wan3>. This will send out this kind of traffic through this wan. You probably want to create a failoverpool for this and use this as gateway to make the traffic failover to another wan if wan3 goes down. If you add mx records for the other wans as well to your dns you will be able to send and receive mail this way through the other wans if wan3 goes down.</wan3>

  • Thanks, I will give it a go.

  • I configured it as suggested.  Works 100%. Thanks