• I am confused, so I have two modems in load balancing, it's in the firewall rules and setup in routing.
    Now on the dynamic dns page I setup a rule for zoneedit on my 2nd modem. Now I entered my ip manually on zoneedit before this for a while, and it's been working.
    But today I realized that my zoneedit ip switched to my other modem for no reason, why is this? Is the load balancing interfering with the dynamic dns or something? The rules for the dynamic dns are for the 2nd modem and zoneedit, not the first one.

  • Does the interface to your 2nd modem have a public IP address or a private IP address?

  • Both are public comcast ips, one is connected a zoom 5341
    and the other is connected to a sb5101

  • Have you looked through the system log at the record the dynamic DNS service left of what it did: pfSense shell command # clog /var/log/system.log | grep -i dyndns