Captive Portal bytes transferred in radius accounting is incorrect

  • I am running a 2.0-RC3 (i386) snapshot built on Tue Aug 2 05:38:08 EDT 2011. I am having an issue where the AcctInputOctets and AcctOutputOctets bytes sent in the captive portal radius accounting is incorrect. I have confirmed it is a problem with the ipfw command and not the radius logic.

    I did the following:

    1. Logged in as a new captive portal user.
    2. Downloaded a 50MB file.
    3. Ran the following command in pfSense:

    ipfw table 2 entrystats 0 106246 315406522 1312348169

    You can see that it returns 315406522 which is about 300MB… six times higher than the actual data usage.

    I can confirm the problem existed in the RC3 snapshot built on Sun Jul 24 01:58:22 EDT 2011 as well as the latest build but it works as expected in the normal RC3 build. I can't seem to figure out what has changed. Any help would be extremely appreciated.

  • Can you try various dates of snapshots and see if you can narrow it down? Is that i386 or amd64?

  • I will see if I can try to narrow it down to the first snapshot it stopped working in. I was testing with i386.

  • Do you have any bandwidth limits specified in CP?

  • Nope nothing special in the setup. I did a fresh install enabled captive portal on the LAN interface an had this issue.

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