Suggestion: Include xen PV drivers

  • Would it be possible to include xen PV drivers in the pfSense kernel by default? It is kind of a hassle to compile my own kernel each time pfSense is updated. The change shouldn't have any problematic effect since it would just be compiling and linking the xen drivers into the kernel image, nothing else is touched.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    This late in the 2.0 release cycle that isn't likely to happen. We're trying to minimize changes, not tack on more stuff, so we can get the release out.

    Look on the bright side, once 2.0 is released, you won't have to recompile for every update, just run with it :-)

    It might be considered for 2.1 or later though. Look on and see if you can find a ticket for that. If there isn't one, make a new Feature Request ticket, and put "Future" as the target.

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