Pfsense auto reboot after kernel panic?

  • So, I am using a rc-2 build, and it has been up for like 60 days, but today it randomly kernel paniced, may be due to bad hardware cpu/ram.

    Anyway, is there a way to make it auto reboot instead of taking me to db? I didn't run a bt, sorry ; /

  • With autoboot you'll miss kernel panic info. and might loose your firewall without any prior warning

  • Thing is I am not going to be at this house for like a while and my family lives here, so I don't want it being inoperational when I'm not there.

  • Nobody knows how to make this thing auto reboot lol?

  • @jigglywiggly:

    Nobody knows how to make this thing auto reboot lol?

    does the motherboard have a built in watchdog? I could be wrong but i believe that is the only way to have it reboot.

    do a search in the forum for watchdogd

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    It's actually supposed to be automatically rebooting and collecting crash data when it does.

    You are using a build that has known issues. Upgrade to a current snapshot (From August, check the sticky post on this board about fixing your upgrade url) and you probably won't have to worry about it.

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