2 Gigabit fiber adaptors

  • I am looking into building a server running pfsense that can handle large amounts of throughput. I require a minimum of four (single port) 2 Gigabit fiber adaptors for my SQL server cluster (this is excluding the WAN, LAN interfaces for the purpose of my question). The SQL servers are in two separate clusters (each cluster obviously synchronizing with each other) and both clusters are required to run our primary website.
    Using pfsense’s load balancing- each SQL server in the appropriate cluster will be selected to return data to the users request and in turn share any DB updates to the other server in that cluster.

    The large bandwidth requirement is needed for returning results to the user (or more correctly to the server making the SQL DB connection), updating DB changes and synchronizing data to its partner server.

    I was thinking of setting up my fiber interfaces to be device to device (one fiber port from pfsense directly into a fiber port on the SQL server) for each of the four SQL servers setting up each interface with a unique address block such as,, and, with one server on each block.

    The server I was looking at using is a Dell PowerEdge 6650 Server Quad Xeon 2.5GHz/4GB DDR/73GB with QLOGIC QLA2340 2GB FIBER CHANNEL FC HBA PCI-X CARDS.

    I am interested in hearing from knowledgeable users.
    Please let me know if my theories and setup are sound or flawed and if what I am proposing with the fiber interfaces is plausible/ recommended.
    Also if the specified server is suitable for my requirements.

    Thank you for any input.

  • Are 2Gb FC interfaces supported on pfSense/FreeBSD as network interfaces?

  • Ok this is not 2Gb product, but this is supported by freebsd8.1
    Intel PRO/1000 PF Server Adapter (82572)

  • Ok thank you for your help.
    It looks like I will have to find another solution.

  • pfSense doesn't have anything to do with Fiber Channel equipment and I'm honestly not sure how you plan to use either for your install.  FC equipment is used to connect servers to storage, not servers to servers for network traffic.

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