Pppoe - WAN conection

  • I am a new user to this software and do not mind cutting edge.
    I built this box starting with the LIVE CD, built to an HD and started keeping up with the 2.0 updates.

    My WAN conection is set up as pppoe with a dynamic networking (working with zoneedit).

    The modem is set for bridged mode.

    The States page shows the conections made and the IP's of those connections. I have a test box at the ip of and is getting a stream from my web server behind the pfSense box.

    Traffic Graph only shows the IP address passed on from the dsl modem.
    I expected to see the live box IP getting the stream.
    Is this not the case?

    Also, RRD Quality graphs stoped working last Sunday.

    What I have been looking for when I found these 2 issues is a way to live monitor the client connections.
    I came from a Wingate box to this. I am including a pic of the screen from Wingate I would like to have on pfSense.


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