Other two Interfaces are not Displaying

  • Hi,

    I'm new to PFSense. But I have installed and configured with the help of Installation guide. I have two WAN links and one LAN side. I have tested all the interfaces by pinging tool to outside IPs. All interfaces are perfectly working.

    The only issue is when I am going to creating load balancing pools, I cannot see other two interfaces in "Interface Name" drop down box. Its only show "WAN" in the "interface Name" box.

    So Please help me why other interfaces cannot display that perticular drop down.

    Plssss HELP MEEEEEEEEE….......

  • Can you provide little more info?

    Start with which version you have etc. Have you read documentation wiki howtos?

  • Hi,

    First I would like Thank You Very much for your reply. Sure I will provide you. I'm using version. 1.2.3-RC1  . No I didn't read the How To on Wiki. When I was configuring genreal setup I forgot to unchecked the "Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN " option. Then only I just unchecked that option  after i got this error.

    The most painful case is I can see all my 3 interfaces in "Pinging" inside Diagnostics. But I couldn't see my other two interfaces in "Interface Name" box in load balancing pools.

    Plsss Help me

  • update !

    atleast to a stable 1.2.3 release , but i'd suggest you try the 2.0 latest rc3

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