Pfsense on mikrotik routerboard?

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    I found a thread with same topic, but wasn't able to reply to it. Question was asked back in Nov-2010, and the answer was that early work was underway.

    Does anyone know if the situation has changed, is there a MIPS capable pfsense version that would run on Routerboard ?

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  • No.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There was work going on to get pfSense working on RouterStationPRO, but the funding dried up and nobody had the need/desire to keep it going.

    At the time, cross-building didn't work so it was very cumbersome to do anything because you had to rebuild world, ports, etc, all on the teensy little board. Could easily take days between trying simple troubleshooting tasks. Not exactly something people jump at the chance to hack on. :-)

  • Sorry for late reply …

    That makes a lot of sense considering the specs of the Mikrotik stuff. Many of my own hours have been taken up trying to push a square peg into a round hole !

    Primary reason for asking was the cost of the hardware platform, a 5 port gigabit Routerboard 750G or GL runs to around £50 in UK. The current hardware platform I'm running pfsense on Jetway Atom MB with 5 gigabit ports is more like £175.

    My experimentation with the Mikrotik RouterOS on PC platform, I found it difficult to use, since I'm more of a windows hacker than command line. Pfsense on the other hand is very well laid out and easy to do what I wanted, multi-wan attached to single private lan.

    Anyway, I'm happy with what I have it works well, and was a lot cheaper than the alternative Draytek Multi-Wan solution that I was looking at.

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