2 WAN, 1 LAN. A little problem with voip !

  • Hi,

    I setted up a dual wan failover in a little theater.

    They now have a good cable connection for everything.
    And I choosed all the voip traffic to go through the failover connection, a little DSL connection.

    Everything works near perfection behalve with incoming voip calls.

    We are under 2.0-RC3,

    I setted up 2 groups of gateways, one with WAN1(cable) = tier1 and WAN2(dsl) = tier 2 for normal traffic
    another with WAN1(cable) = tier2 and WAN2(dsl) = tier1 for voip traffic. (the contrary than the first one)

    I have also setted up 2 rules in firewall : lan so that voip traffic (the traffic who comes from the ip of our ATA) goes trough the group with dsl first.

    And another rule saying everything else goes through the group with wan1 (the cable) first.

    The internet failovering works perfectly when one WAN fails.

    The outgoing calls from the ATA are going through WAN2(dsl) as expected.

    But I don't know how, the ATA achieve to find the IP of WAN1 (cable), maybe with the STUN and so incoming calls are not working.

    I don't understand how the ATA may find the external adress of WAN1 because I've written in firewall that everything who go out coming from the ip of the ATA must normally go to WAN2… (if both connections are working)

    Any help would be appreciated because it is the last step.

    Everything else works as expected and it was easier to set up than expected.


    Kevin Hulster,

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