Snort UI Issues on 1.2.3 [SOLVED]

  • I am currently having a problem with the GUI interface for Snort under 1.2.3.

    In the WhiteList tab I cannot add any custom IP's to the list. :( I tried in Firefox, IE and Chrome and can't get anywhere. When I click the + icon nothing happens. I checked my Firefox error console and see these two errors after clicking the + icon.

    Error: rowname is not defined
    Source File:
    Line: 232

    Error: addRowTo is not defined
    Source File:
    Line: 1

    I tried changing themes and it made no difference. Actually, on a couple themes the UI for Snort is totally messed up - the DIV block is way over to the right and unusable.

    I tried reinstalling and this did not help.

    I have a feeling this may have started after installing Dashboard. I'd remove dashboard to test… but you can't.

    I don't even mind editing the files through SSH by hand if I knew where to look. I tried editing the whitelist file in /usr/local/etc/snort but when I restart Snort all my edits are gone and replaced with what was there before. I assume there is a master file the GUI controls that generates these files... just don't know where it is.

    Any help appreciated as I can't turn on blocking without having our perimeter and production network white listed.

    I attached a couple of screenshots in case it helps:


  • I managed to fix this myself. Yep, real proud now. :)

    I checked the web source and none of the javascript files it included were in the javascript folder. All js files were in the root of www. Not sure how or why this happened but once I copied them all to the javascript folder thinmgs started working properly. Perhaps a bug with the latest package installer script?

    Hopefully this will help anyone else who has the same issue. Btw, I used winscp with SSH access on to do the moves. It was quite easy then.

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