Help with resolving a possible bandwidth problem

  • Hey all. I have a problem i think.. And i am not sure where to start to fix it.

    I have a 4mb link (4mb up/ 4mb down) and around 30 people using this link. 3 NIC's.. 1 for WAN, one for my office and another for the other 30 people.

    Here is where i think i have a problem:  When i take a look at the Traffic Graph (Status > Traffic Graph), if i leave it on the WAN i see for example 3.78mb usage for download, and say 500k for upload, but when i look at the Interface with the 30 people using, it will show like 1.79mb usage for download and maybe 200k upload usage.. So where is that other 2mb of bandwidth being used up?  That seems to me like the WAN is showing that 3.79mb is being used, but i can only see where less than 2mb is being used.. help??

  • Hey is anyone able to assist with this please?? I just got a 20mb/20mb link installed today and am a little worried this bandwidth problem may get worse or something

  • Based on what I read, I don't see a huge issue. In fact it sounds normal.

    What is your hardware (CPU, RAM, …) and what are your NIC chipsets. Include the diver used for each NIC. We can go from there.

  • Ok here goes:

    CPU:  AMD 4core 31ghz
    RAM:  4gb DDR3

    NIC chipsets are all realtek.. how do i see what driver is being used?

  • Interfaces:assign
    and see the list: as example em0 and em1 is using em driver

  • Ok thanks for that, mine are using the re driver then… re0, re1, re2

  • You got it

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