Firewall Replacment with pfsense (SOLVED)

  • Hey there,

    i'm coming from the m0n0wall world. currently i'm planning to replace our company firwall with pfsense.
    The Hardware will be, if pfsense runs on it the following:

    Dell Power Edge 2600 Dual Xeon 3Ghz 1 GB Ram
    Dell Perc Raid Controller 128MB Cache (i think it is a D4i)
    2x 36GB Drives 15k RPM drives Raid 1
    4 Intel Server Pro 1 Gbit PCI-X Cards.
    1 Intel Server Pro Dual 100Mbit PCI 64/66
    Hopefully pfsense will run on this Hardware, if not we need to stick with our old Gnatbox.

    Basic Network Informations
    2x 2 Mbit Lines (E1) both static IP's
    The Dual 100Mbit Card will be used for that

    Line one will be used for:
    VPN to Headquater
    FTP Server (NAT to DMZ)
    HTTP server (NAT to DMZ)
    Lotus Notes Client Access (NAT to DMZ)

    this Servers will be hosted in the DMZ (Gigabit Card assigned)

    the second line will be used for
    Everything else.

    Wireless Guest Network (another Gigabit Nic) DHCP etc
    As long i got Radius working it will Radius for WPA, if not WPA2 Personal.
    This will be not a Wirelesscard on pfsense, we are using a DD-WRT x86 Wireless Router

    And of course the Internal Network using Load balancing, DHCP, DNS Forwarder Proxy etc

    The other Gigabit Nic will be installed as a spare card, just in case

    I guess this shouldn,t be a big deal for pfsense.

    I want to use Squid and Snort to nail down the Internet usage inside the Office.

    Now my question:

    what can i do on pfsense regarding Bandwiththrottling, Website Filtering etc.
    I just have done my first "not embedded install" and I didn't looked into the detail on the Squid/Snort config.

    I want to nail down pretty much everything else than simple browsing.
    What are the options i do have on pfsense or does this plan simply don't work.

    Another thing is my Notes Server,
    currently i have a Portforwarder setup directly into the LAN, if i pu it on the pfsense DMZ, will automaticly every traffic to that server routed into the DMZ

    Hope this makes sense

    Let me know what do you think

    Thanks a Lot

    I hoping all this are just peanuts for pfsense.


  • Ok i installed pfsense on vmware
    And lucky enough, it got all the options i need.

    Hopefully it will run on the DELL

    Great Software guys, will get my boss to do a little Donation if everything works fine