Safe BIOS Disables

  • Hi,
    What are the things that can be safely disabled in BIOS that can help Boost the perfomance of pfSense?

    Serial (if not used)
    Parallel ports (if not used)
    USB ports (if not used)
    PCI/PCI-e (if not used)

    (Any other suggestions would be greatly welcomed)

    Will disabling AHCI improve performance?
    Will disabling IOAPIC improve performance?
    Will disabling Boot-from-LAN improve performance?(PXE Boot)
    Will disabling ACPI improve performance?
    Will disabling MAX-CPUID improve performance?
    Will disabling Unwanted IDE channels/SATA/Floppy contollers improve performance?

    Typically similar items would be nice..


  • The performance gains you are likely to experience from this will be minimal at best.  The best way to improve performance in pfSense is to use decent hardware especially good network cards and to configure it well.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Not only that, but I'd say by disabling certain bits like ACPI and maybe IOAPIC, you might actually reduce performance.

    BIOS tweaks aren't going to buy you a whole lot, but it is a good practice in general to disable hardware you aren't using.

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