Help with internal network routing (no WAN)

  • here is my story. we have 3 subnets to, all running /24 net mask

    our internet and uplinks to different stores (on different subnets) come through ISP controlled routers etc. we have no access beyond requesting basic changes.

    basically i want to replace our windows 2000 pc running as a router with a pc running pfsense to link the 3 subnets at this location together. so i have no need to set up a WAN.

    first of all, i presume i can just leave the WAN unconfigured and unnetworked and it will work fine.

    what should i do in terms of setting up pfsense purely for this purpose. does it involve just setting up static routing rules.

    i did setup 2 test rules:

    destination/mask -> gateway -> ->

    254 being the isp internet router
    and 148 being the LAN ip. (option 1 ip = 102.148)

    the only problem is that it all stops responding network wise. though i believe this may be because due to only testing, i am booting off the cd.

    so will configuring these rules allow the server to function as a router. any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Option 1)
    If you don't need a firewall go to System>advanced and shut it down completely by checking "disable firewall". This will shut down NAT and convert pfSense in a routing only platform without filtering.

    Option 2)
    If you need filtering for some reason don't check this option and go to Firewall>NAT>outbound and enable advanced outbound NAT. It will create some rules in the table below. Delete these (as you don't want NAT this will shut it down completely). Now you even can use the WAN-Interface as non natted Interface.
    Then create rules at all Interfaces to allow desired traffic between the subnets.

    Needed for both options)
    Add the needed routes at System>static routes.
    If all the other routers you don't have access to have the right routes back to you everything should work fine now.