Additional BOOTP/DHCP Options - documentation?

  • I have about 80 Polycom sip phones that connects to a ftp server on lan interface, to write logs, check for new configs/firmware etc. I could specify the ftp address manually, but thats inconvenient when a phone is replaced.

    So I want to distribute the ftp server location with the dhcp server (yes, I use pfsense DHCP server for the Polycom's). This is what the "Additional BOOTP/DHCP Options" are for, right? Unfortunately I can not find any guidelines on what to put in the fields "Number", "Type" and "Value".

    Can anyone enlighten me?

  • Google is wonderful machine with it you can solve lot of questions ;)

  • And how does that explain how to fill out the fields? Maybe the "Number" field…

  • Was messing with the dhcp options and found the following;

    Added 1 option 6 entry.  This entry appears to override the other dns servers entered in "DNS Servers" cause an entry here cancels out anything you put there.

    Anyway, want to list 3 dns servers, but entering 3 entries as option 6 I only get to see the last dns server entered.

    If I enter several on the same line, pfsense give me an error.

    Guess I need to know how to delimit one entry from the other.  , and ; don't seem to work….

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