Cheap usb to ethernet adapter off Amazon issue

  • I decided to give the cheap <$3 usb to ethernet device a shot just hoping it would work. When I connect it to the pfsense box it says "ugen2.2: <vendor 0x0fe6="">at usbus2. When I go into the shell and do ifconfig -l it doesn't show up there though. No lights come on the device either. It does have one other label on the back which is JP1082.

    This post has a patch that has my device in there. I'm curious if it would be possible to add this patch to my own pfsense box. It'd save me some money if that would work. Here's the link

    I've also attached an image of the device.

  • Looks like a fairly straightforward job for one of the pfSense developers.

  • As far as I can tell from the rest of that thread, they never actually get it to work.  Also, as pointed out, the quality of these types of adapters tends towards abysmal meaning you're unlikely to get anything like a decent level of performance/stability from this thing.  For the amount of time you'd spend paying a developer to do this work for you as part of a bounty project, you'd be better of spending the money on a decent adapter.  You're unlikely to find someone qualified who would do this work for free as the end result is support for an adapter that will likely do more harm than good.

  • Ok thanks for the responses. I'll just buy a decent one that's supported.

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