SquidGuard / Squid Not Logging Blocked WebSites?

  • I've set up a few Squid/Squidguard boxes to do some web filtering. Under Target Categories, I have a few allowed sites and everything else is blocked on the web.

    The issue I'm running across are sites like yahoo mail, for example, where different functions draw from different domains - IE yahoo.net, ymail.com.

    I enabled all of the logging on the pfSense box, and it all works except for the filter log for blocked web sites. I just get "unavailable". It would be helpful if I could get a list of the sites being blocked AT the firewall.

    Instead, whenever someone has an issue with a site, I have to go turn on windows firewall logging on my pc and try to emulate what they are doing. Then I just have to add a bunch of IP addresses to the filter and it seems to help.

    Any suggestions? What should I be looking at?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Have you ever found a pfSense solution for this?  I too have been trying to find a solution for the same issue.  Thanks.

  • 2 Miller88
    Pls post you Proxy Filter config.

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