Managing User Accounts for Pfsense with a separated samba Server?

  • Hello,

    my idea is to build up pfsense as firewall and freeradius as access point for wlan clients. So is it possible to create this scenario with an extra samba server on another machine, so that I can use the samba account managment also for pfsense respectively for the freeradius user accounts?

    Server1: pfsense + freeradius
    Server2: Samba for account management
    client: connecting with wlan to freeradius which matches the user with the samba database and so on.

    Thank you for help.


  • Why not use Radius?

    In Usermanager you can see that only local, radius or ldap is supported

  • I want to use Radius, but can I use it with samba? I think samba also can work with ldap?
    The Problem is, that I have many und often changing users in my scenario, so I need a simple way to manage shares and Internet Access about radius, so it would be grreat to have an interface between pfsense and samba so that I only have one point where I have to controll the user. The other thing is, it has to be easy to maintain, possibly I will coding a small website, where you can import a csv file for manging many accounts.


  • ehh that was my question? if I can let them work together

    /edit: I see that I can only config Radius User with the frontend, does anyone could tell me where the data is saved? not in /etc/raddb or /usr/local/etc/raddb/clients
    /edit: Sorry got it, I'm too new to pfsense ;)

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