• Hello All

    I am trying to do load balancing between two 6 mb DSL lines
    the bell modems i have wouldnt function as routers
    so I built 2 smoothwall boxes to control the internet connections
    they are working fine
    I am just having problems creating the rules for load balancing to work properly
    which does seem to be a common newbie stumbling area

    I have internet working through the PFSense box with 1 DSL line
    and its does seem really slick no doubt it will solve all my problems once I get more familiar with it.

    I have Read all the wiki, docs and posts but the setups described seem to vary from version to version
    some of the settings I see listed in the docs I just dont have options that are the same on my version
    I have the newest PF version 1.0.1
    Anyways my config goes like this
    all subnets are

    WAN assigned staticly via mac by Smoothwall box 1 its lan is (
    ( ) PFSENSE LAN –--
                                              WAN 2 assigned staticly via mac by Smoothwall box 2 its lan is (

    should my monitor Ips be my static IPs assigned by bell or different ones

    Any advise setting up the load balancing rules and any necesary firewall or NAT rules would be appreciated greatly

    Thanks and Best Regards


  • sullrich is there an uptaded iso with that verwion already integrated



  • Sullrich you the man

    Thank You Muchly