Interrupt Storm Detected - Throttling interrupt source

  • I have two boxes online and I was suppose to be checking why the DynDNS hostname wasn't updated on one of them.  The monitor was hooked up on the other box and I saw this message:

    Feb 28 07:42:10 pfsensebox kernel: Interrupt storm detected on "irq5:"; throttling interrupt source

    I tried checking around and google and the only thing I saw was about some faulty ATA adapter.  I wasn't sure on how to find out which device was using the IRQ.  Is there anything I can check out to find out what this may be?

    Here's a link to my system.log

    I'll post it here if someone would rather me do that but it's 50kb

  • Shared interrupts are bad.  Tweak the bios settings, disable unneeded hardware, etc.

  • I'll have to try that later on.  We have people connecting out through that box for Internet access atm.  I'm just gonna let it roll as long as it'll work for now.

  • I found out irq5 happens to be a 3rd NIC in the machine (the wonders of actually reading all of the output of ps -aux  :-[).  Would this be more of a resource sharing issue or a faulty NIC?

  • Have a look at http://<pfsense-ip>/status.php (it's a hidden page). At the bottom you'll find the dmesg output. Have a look through it to see which devices all use IRQ5.</pfsense-ip>