SIP problem with Header Alert-Info

  • Hi,

    A problem found only on pfSense (of the 4 routers  I tested): whenever I use a Page command (from Asterisk, locally outside the network) and send the Alert-Info header first (to tell me SIP phones to auto-pickup the call) the phone rings but don`t pick up the call, as if the Alert-Info header was mangled or absent.

    Yes I am using sipproxy, don`t have a choice

    With all other routers, the phones simply work as they should.

    How can I start troubleshooting/giving more info about this to help?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    pfSense itself wouldn't touch/mangle the SIP contents, that is likely being broken by siproxd, you'd have to start your troubleshooting there.

  • Thanks, will check with the siproxyd people.

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