Dual wan + dual lan problem

  • Hello,

    i have 1 box pfsense with 4 gigabit ports in this configuration:

    ISP1–> WAN1(public ip)-->LAN1(public subnet)--> 5 servers with public ip

    ISP1--> WAN2(public ip)-->LAN2(public subnet)--> 5 servers with public ip

    deleted all NAT rules and give access on ports from wan to lan

    no any other load balance or failover

    -if i ping with ICMP any server does not respond if i put in rule gateway for that connection(give me ttl lost in transit or timed out)(with default gateway is responding)
    -on traceroute from outside in LAN2 ip it is working but the last ip its WAN1(like a loop between connections)
    -if i set on firewall to accept on WAN2 any ICMP and i set gateaway from WAN2 it is looping again with WAN2 gateway forever

    i hope you understand with my english :) thanks

  • You have to use 1:1 NAT for your servers from what i understand on your description.

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