Install PfSense 2.0 on Sonicwall TZ180 or NSA 3500?

  • I am curious if anybody had any luck installing PfSense on the Sonicwall TZ180 device?  It's a solid piece of hardware just wanted to get rid of their crappy firmware.

    I'd imagine the NSA 3500 would be easier since it's almost like WatchGuard's.


  • Netgate Administrator

    The TZ-180 appears to use a MIPS processor so no luck there.  :(

    The nsa 3500 appears too new and expensive for anyone to have tried opening it yet!


  • Thanks for the heads up.  Figured the TZ-180 is a no go which is a shame for a solid piece of hardware.

    As for the NSA 3500 it's got a removable CF card so I can load PfSense 2.0 on it.  Yeah I know what you mean it being too new but it was a competitive upgrade for the WatchGuard so it's defunt now.  Figured I'd try to turn it into a standby firewall for the WatchGuard.

    Will let you know how it goes with the NSA.


  • I think the NSA 3500 use also a MIPS CPU (IMHO a quad MIPS?!)

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