After DHCP renews, DynDNS doesn't update

  • I have a pfSense box that is connected to a Charter Pipeline cable modem.  We've had issue where we thought the box had gone down but I found out that the DHCP client is updating (using snapshot  Feb, 09 2007) but I get an error that the DynDNS client can't update because it can't resolve  Is this a known issue?

    Actually, midway through this post, I was gonna ssh into the box and grab the log to show and now I can't contact the box.  ::) I get to crawl under my boss's house again to reboot the box  :-\

    Are there updates to the DHCP client and the Dynamic DNS updater in the latest snapshots?  This is running the full version of snapshot 2/9/07

    We've just been using /etc/ to try and rectify this problem.

  • Yes, please update to latest snapshot.

  • Cool.  Gonna try that either later on tonight or tomorrow.  I'll let ya know the results.

  • Last night, we went to update the box but was having a time trying to get snapshot 2/28 to install, it'd get to the text GUI and just sit at 'waiting for backend' for quite a while.  I got impatient so I poked around on the snapshots website.  I saw dhclient in the root of the webserver.  We just wget'd it to the box and replaced the old dhclient binary and made it +x.  Is this just a patched copy of the program?  Would this suffice or do I need to do a complete reinstall with the latest snapshot?

  • The waiting for backend issue should be fixed. Please try a reinstall.