Traffic Shapper - P2P greater than 30% not allowed.

  • "Custom Bandwidths are greater than 30%. Please lower them for the wizard to continue."

    This problem still exists in 2.0-RC3 Mon Aug 8 18:47:42 EDT 2011

    I am using the Multi WAN/LAN wizard "traffic_shaper_wizard_multi_all.xml"

    Also, I get an error when trying to use anything other than percentage, but in the drop down menu we have many other options. My question is, if percentage is only allowed, why put the other options in there? (This is much less of a problem than above, I just wanted to point it out).

    Thank you in advance your help  ;)

  • Yah, it is still there.  The wizard currently uses the bandwidth specified as both the LINK Share bandwidth and the Upper Limit bandwidth, if we are talking about HFSQ queuing.  All the LINK share percentages have to add up to less than 100%, and certain amounts are already put aside for the other queues, thus the 30% limit.  The upperlimit can be set to %100 though, to allow p2p traffic full bandwidth when the link isn't full.  When there are multiple streams of traffic the amount that each queue uses will tend towards the LINK share amount.  You can try setting the LINK Share to lower, like 10%, and the upper limit to %80, and get pretty good performance.

    The wizards try to handle the 3 different queuing disciplines with the same input data, but it doesn't work quite right because of how each uses slightly different methods to solve the problem.

    Ermal(the traffic shaping wizard wizard) is really busy, so just don't think this is important enough for him to work on, unless someone sponsors the work.

  • Try new snapshots of tomorrow.

  • Classic example of reverse psychology in action. :)

  • I think this is the change Ermal made that could be related to this issue.
    Make the checks during step4 and step5 actually work.

    Is this the fix?  It looks like it is correcting a check to see if the bandwidth is greater than 15% or less than 2%…. but even when I do put in a bandwidth > 15% I don't get the error, and the bandwidth that I enter isn't used, the p2p bandwidth is just set to 5%?


  • Also, I have another question, why do speed tests get put in the p2p queue? I thought they were http traffic…  :o

    Also, as a feature request, could we get a section for FTP transfers?  ;D

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