Time zone issue

  • Hello, just noticing a strange problem, probably results from living in a time zone which changed it's daylight saving time settings in the last few years…

    My current system time shown in the dashboard is correct, shows time zone AST which is +3, under general tab the time zone is set to Asia/Baghdad, which should be AST, +3, so all is correct there.

    But the system logs are an hour ahead, showing UTC+4, which would be correct if AST went to daylight saving time, so is it possible that the NTP timeserver (0.pfsense.pool.ntp.org) is correct but there is some FreeBSD internal timezone list that needs updated?

  • That the timezone settings take affect all over the system you have to restart pfsense one time after changing the time settings in General setup.

  • Well, it has been like this for a long time, through many restarts.

    Ok, looked into it a bit more, and the problem seems to be that the timezone info in the FreeBSD release must be wrong.  The pfSense webGUI properly reports the time as AST (Arabia Standard Time), but the shell "date" commmand reports the time zone as ADT (Arabia Daylight Time?) and is 1 hr ahead which would be right for Asia/Baghdad and others if that time zone existed but it doesn't.

    Probably not important, but I would like to see the world get synchronized, since it is 2011 and no longer 1982 :)  There must be an upgrade somewhere that could be built into a release version of pfSense…

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