Group Manager: Add priviliges - No privliges for creating User Accounts

  • Hi guys,
    with pfSense 2.0 RC3 I created a Voucher system. I now want that specific Users only can edit some parts on the pfSense.
    Therefore I created a usergroup called "Vouchers". Users in this group should only have the permissions to create Users+Passwords and Voucher-Codes for the clients.

    For managing the Vouchers I found all relevant pages and added them in the "System prviliges".
    For creating Users I only found "Webcfg - System: User password manager", "Webcfg- System: User manager settings page" and "Webcfg - System: User manager: Settings: Test LDAP page".

    Will there be "Webcfg - System: User Manager" in further releases, where Users can be added?
    Otherwise, I have to give the client Admin privliges, so that he can create Users.


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